Drag Racer Pro Tuner Version 3.0

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Drag Racer is a cult-classic arcade side-view racing game with more than 40 million runs.

Create a drag racer with a look that is unique to you. Choose your paint, add custom decals, even use photos of you or your friends on your car. Post your masterpiece on Facebook and share with your friends. All new Decal system allows you to be the artist.

Tune your gear ratios, your tire compound, suspension and boost pressure to maximize your performance.

Put your car to the test and see if it's as fast as you think it is!

All of the old Drag Racer intensity is back. Nitrous Oxide, Gear Tuning, and much much more has returned to the best release for one of the largest Drag Racing game franchises in the World!

Deep Openfeint integration allows for player challenges, leaderboards, achievements and more.


Tales Weaver Version 1.0.0

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Tales of Weaver: Lucian Kaltz is a mobile game based on famous MMORPG entilted Tales of Weaver.

Tales of Weaver is well known for its compelling world based on the popularized novel, Children of Rune.

The mobile version has been modified to allow players to understand the story and lore of the world in a smaller package than that of the MMORPG version.

Kaltz family reside in the Anomard kingdom
Kaltz family line are the descendants of the legendary adventurer, Lagrandz Kaltz.
Lucian Kaltz is the future successor of Kaltz family.
Demerin Kaltz, father of Lucian, decided to make an offer to Lucian to ensure his take over as the Kaltz family successor: Once Lucian becomes a Knight of Exhibiter, he will get full support from his father to become an adventurer.
Lucian accepts his father's offer and travels to Exhibiter with his guardian knight, Boris Jinneman.
As lucican trains to become a Knight of Exhibiter, many unusual events begin to occur…….

Beautifully detailed graphics and engaging action game play and skill systems.
Character customizing system with variety of items.
Enchanting story line with plenty of play time.

Family Feud v1.1.3

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Category: Games
Updated: Jul 29, 2010
Current Version:1.1.3 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 48.3 MB
Language: English
Seller: Ludia© 2009 Ludia Inc.
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

* All rights reserved. The Family Feud is a trademark of FremantleMedia Operations
BV. Licensed by FremantleMedia Enterprises.
http://www.fremantlemedia.com©2009 FremantleMedia North America, Inc. All rights reserved. The Family Feud content and logo are used by Ludia Inc. under license.


Survey says: Play Family Feud!
Based on one of the most successful and beloved family game shows of all time! Now you can play anywhere, anytime as the leader of a ‘family’ in a contest to name the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people. The game features all of the favorite elements of the show as played on television, including the scoreboard, face offs, strikes, stealing and ‘fast money’ rounds. Enjoy Family Feud in multiplayer mode as you challenge family and friends head-to-head, or compete solo against the computer.

Angry Birds v1.5.0

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The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 195 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

Features 195 levels, leaderboards, achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration, and lots and lots of Angry Birds!

Protect wildlife or play Angry Birds!

#1 IPHONE PAID APP in US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Poland, France, Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Austria, Australia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, Norway, Hungary, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Romania, New Zealand, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Mauritius, Chile, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Kenya, Macedonia, Croatia, Macau, Paraguay, Peru, Armenia, Philippines, Vietnam, Jordan, Kuwait and Malta.

#1 IPHONE PAID GAME in more countries than we can count!

AVERAGE REVIEW SCORE for version 1.4.0 = 4.78 / 5.

“Lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary finches we’re talkin’ about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that’s gonna kick you in the ‘nads. And they’re the ones on your side. They must be from Galapadapados, or sumptin’.” – Col. Angus, Bird Expert.

What's new


As usual, Angry Birds gives the most generous updates of any app!

What's new in Version 1.4.4

As usual, Angry Birds gives the most generous updates of any app!

New Features in version 1.4.4:

What's new in Version 1.5.0

Angry Birds is back with a brand new update!

New Features in version 1.5.0:

We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our infinite gratitude to friends of our fierce birds everywhere. We thank you sincerely from the bottoms of our fluffy hearts for making Angry Birds the highest rated and best selling game ever on iTunes!

Follow us on Twitter for Angry Birds updates and pictures of our new toys:

Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook:


In case you missed it, our previous update (1.4.1) included:

History of The iPhone Jailbreak

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When he was 17, George Hotz poured hundreds of hours of his summer vacation into a special project: learning the iPhone’s secrets [working with the Dev-Team]. His unpaid labor eventually paid off. With the help of a soldering iron, he was the first to unlock the iPhone [publicly, and against the agreement made with the Dev-Team] delivering the handset to international networks before Apple had a chance to.

He got some perks, too. His unlock catapulted him to internet stardom, catching the eye of an entrepreneur who traded his Nissan 350Z car for Hotz’s restriction-free iPhone. Hotz, now 20, makes a living as a “hacker for hire” of sorts — getting paid to break into different types of gadgets. He gets to spend his free time unofficially attending a college [Google University], where he pretends to be a student just to socialize.

What’s best, Hotz didn’t think unlocking the iPhone was even hard.

“It did take 500 hours, but thinking back to some of the stuff I’ve done now, the first iPhone was incredibly easy,” Hotz said in a phone interview.

But what was an easy task for a curious teen has turned into a persistent headache for Apple, one that the company has been trying to cure for over two years, with little success. With each new version of the iPhone operating system, a small army of independent programmers and hackers get to work prying it open, removing restrictions and making their iPhones do things that Apple CEO Steve Jobs never intended.

To stay faithful to agreements with telecom partners, Jobs in September 2007 declared Apple was playing a “cat-and-mouse game” to disable unlocked iPhones. Apple regularly issues software updates to disable hacked, unlocked versions of the handset. But within a few weeks, new hacks emerge, freeing the iPhone from carrier restrictions again.

In fact, Hotz just last month released the easiest hacking solution for the iPhone to date. Named “Blackra1n”, his software can hack and unlock an iPhone in just two minutes. All the user needs to do is plug in an iPhone, launch the application and click a button.

It’s safe to say this is a game where the mouse has outrun the cat, and it’s unlikely Apple will catch up anytime soon. That’s because Apple is up against a lot more than an individual hacker. The iPhone and its App Store not only gave birth to a new digital frontier for mobile software, but created an entire underground ecosystem: the Jailbreak community. In addition to multiple iPhone hacker groups pumping out different unlocking solutions on a regular basis, there are several stores hosting unauthorized iPhone apps and programmers developing software strictly for hacked iPhones.

Humble Beginnings
Available for jailbroken iPhones, themes can change the entire look of the iPhone's menu screen with special buttons and skins. The appearance of the traditional iPhone Home screen cannot be changed. The above theme is called Pitseleh, authored by "Monty" of MacCiti.com, a site that hosts content for hacked iPhones.
Hackers adopted the word “jailbreak” to describe the act of overriding the iPhone’s restrictions to install unauthorized software in the device. Jailbreaking is the first step an iPhone owner must take in order to later execute the hack to unlock the handset, enabling it to work with any carrier. The original iPhone was extremely insecure and thus very easy to jailbreak, according to Hotz, and hackers almost immediately broke into the gadget after it debuted in June 2007.

Jailbreaking accelerated quickly. Soon, hackers reverse-engineered major parts of the iPhone API, and they opened doors to creating and installing third-party apps for the device. Games, utilities and even custom themes and wallpapers enhanced the capabilities of the handset. To Apple enthusiasts, this was exciting: The iPhone at the time had no App Store, so jailbreaking was the only way to get more than the handful of basic apps provided by Apple.

In August 2007, Hotz announced he had unlocked the iPhone with the Dev Team, a group of hackers that posts jailbreak tools and instructions. Soon after, Hotz released software that anyone in the world could use to make their iPhone work with any carrier’s SIM card.

When Apple in July 2008 opened its official App Store, the urge to jailbreak got less exciting. The App Store grew quickly — with 100,000 apps to date — making the act of jailbreaking seemingly irrelevant to the average iPhone owner, who could download Apple-sanctioned apps without risk.


iPhone users can only download files smaller than 10MB from the iTunes Store. Also, some third-party apps will not work on a 3G connection, limiting use to Wi-Fi only. 3G Unrestrictor, an app available through the unauthorized app store Cydia, removes 3G restrictions from any app you choose.
But the App Store didn’t stop the Jailbreak community from proliferating. Now that the App Store exists, jailbreakers have shifted their focus to creating work-arounds for the iPhone’s many restrictions. Most share an open-software philosophy, giving consumers full ownership rights over their product, or the ability to do whatever they wish with the gadget they paid for.

Jay Freeman owns Cydia, an unauthorized app store open to jailbroken iPhones, which distributes iPhone apps Apple would otherwise forbid. Before opening his store, Freeman played an instrumental role in setting up the early groundwork for the jailbreak platform. Often referred to as “Saurik” in the Jailbreak community, Freeman admitted he was initially reluctant about the iPhone due to its stifling limitations.

“Apple seems to have spent very little time looking at previous phones, and left out many features that users, such as myself, have come to expect,” said Freeman, reflecting on the original iPhone. “However, [a friend] insisted to me that jailbreaking was the future. The software it comes with doesn’t matter; I can just rewrite it all to my liking.”

The need for an underground app store became more clear after Apple rejected several iPhone apps. The company faced severe scrutiny when it rejected the official Google Voice app, which would enable consumers to use a single phone number to ring all their phones, send free text messages and make cheap international calls. The move stirred so much controversy that even the Federal Communications Commission investigated the rejection.

Unauthorized app stores served as a way of circumventing Apple’s censorship. And some programmers are even making money coding forbidden iPhone apps.

“People are so annoyed by Apple and their shit, and if you give them opportunity to go around it, then they’ll even pay for it,” said Kim Streich, a developer whose app 3G Unrestrictor earned $19,000 in sales in just two weeks through Cydia.

With more than 10 million jailbroken iPhones registered, Freeman’s Cydia store is the most popular underground app store. Icy and Installer, two previous unauthorized iPhone software distributors, have been discontinued.


George Hotz's self-portrait, included with his jailbreaking software, portrays him as a Caravaggio-style youth orbited by iPhones. Whenever Apple releases an iPhone update, the new software usually erases unauthorized apps and disables unlocked iPhones. In response, the iPhone hacker group Dev Team continues to post regular updates on its blog with instructions and new jailbreak patches for newer iPhone software. The Dev Team’s main jailbreak weapon is called Pwnage Tool, which creates a custom (hacked) patch for Apple’s iPhone firmware and then installs it on the device.

To further combat jailbreaks, Apple has attempted to claim to the U.S. Copyright Office that jailbreaking is illegal. However, the Dev Team skirts around copyright issues by not copying and providing Apple’s software, according to Eric McDonald, a member of the Dev Team. Instead, the Pwnage Tool requires iPhone users to download Apple’s legitimate firmware, and the Pwnage Tool patches it with jailbreak code.

Hotz, who was kicked out of the Dev Team after prematurely publishing information on iPhone hacks, still hacks away the iPhone on his own. [told ya] Hotz doesn’t demand money for his work, though he does accept donations. He isn’t shy about showing his face to Apple or the world, either: When running Blackra1n, the iPhone temporarily displays a photo of Hotz styled as an angel from a Caravaggio painting (above).

“Blackra1n is only 600K, and 200k of it is my picture,” Hotz said, laughing.

Though the Jailbreak community persistently issues new hacks for iPhone updates, Apple is continuing to fight. A recent Apple job listing reveals the company is seeking an iPhone OS security manager to help prevent exploits, which could block future jailbreak solutions.

Hotz doubted a security expert could block his efforts. In fact, he said he’s already discovered a brand new exploit that will jailbreak and unlock Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone [geohot himself said on twitter moments ago that this was bullshit, the reporter is fabricating shit]— presumably due in stores summer of 2010 – even though he hasn’t touched it. [exactly, why doesn't this guy just suck his dick?]

“Personally I love that Apple keeps the iPhone closed,” Hotz said. “This is a personal hobby; it’d be no fun if Apple didn’t have it closed anymore. Get a Jailbreak cop and then I’ll show them what I can really do.”

thanks to geohot for the link
stolen from wired

7.0 Megapixel Camera +ZOOM v2.0

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Turn your iPhone into a powerful camera with fantastic 7.0 MPX and 5.0 MPX resolutions, zoom and many more features!

7.0 Megapixel Camera +ZOOM v2.0 for iPhone 3G, 2G

After months of developing our unique algorithm it’s finally here! You will not face the laughs of your friends with better camera phones anymore.

No matter what generation of iPhone you have, with 7.0 MPX Camera app you will be able to take pictures in extra high resolution of 3 180 × 2 385 (compared to 1 600 × 1 200 with standard camera). Your photos will be smoother, more detailed and overall better looking when posted on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa or any online photo sharing community.

Don’t wait for the uncertain announcement of the next-gen iPhone with better camera. You can have it right now! Take the chance to upgrade your built-in camera in the easiest possible way, for the lowest possible price, and don’t miss the most precious moments in your life that deserve to be taken by camera with the best resolution you can have.


7.0 MPX & 5.0 MPX Modes
Take your pictures in fascinating 7.0 MPX resolution. In pixels, this is 3 180 × 2 385 large picture. Or make your photos in fantastic 5.0 MPX resolution, which is 2 560 × 1 920 pixels. More than twice the number of pixels taken by the standard built-in iPhone camera. 7.0 MPX & 5.0 MPX resolutions are available both in Quick Shot and in Countdown camera modes.

Standard Mode
In some cases you might want to use your native camera resolution. It is available in all camera modes. Therefore you can definitely leave your standard camera app behind and use the 7.0 MPX Camera in every situation, whether you are taking simple photo-notes or for those extraordinary moments in your life.

Zoom Mode
Zoom on objects afar, or use zoom slider to set the best photo composition. Our zoom is in full resolution, does not crop pictures as other zooms for iPhone do. That's why the quality of zoomed pictures taken by 7.0 MPX Camera is simply outstanding.

Timer Mode
There are many precious moments in which you want to be the part of the picture, not just the one behind it. For times like these, use the Timer Mode, set the shutter delay and take your place amongst your friends. This mode is provided with sound signalization, starting three seconds before shutter activation.

AVPlayer Version: 1.11

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Do you enjoy watching videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Do you hate not being able to because your iPhone/iPod Touch cannot support the video format? Or do you hate the inconvenient and time-consuming hassle of trying to convert video formats to fit into one that your iPhone/iPod Touch can support? This is why the AVPlayer was created. The AVPlayer can play almost any computer video file format such as AVI, Xvid, Divx, WMV and much more clearly and effortlessly. No converting hassles. Just copy files via USB and just drag and drop into the AVPlayer’s Media Explorer. The AVPlayer can also support external subtitle files such as SMI and SRT. So if you enjoy watching videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch, then the AVPlayer is an absolute necessity.

Video Format Extension
XVID/DIVX (including AC3) AVI,WMV,RMVB,ASF,H264,MKV… most of all movie file formats.
SMI, SRT Subtitles

Post Processing
✔ High quality video processing
✔ Sepia,Grayscale,Colorize
✔ TV out ( iPhone4 & iPod4 )

Control the playback speed (From 0.5X to 2.0X)
✔ User setting support
-Sweep to the left : move to backword 10 sec
-Sweep to the right : move to forward 10 sec
-Sweep to the top : 1.5X speed
-Sweep to the down : normal speed

Additional features
✔ Rotation Lock / Aspect ratio:auto/16:9/4:3/1:1/Full screen
✔ Folder Management:Pass code/Move/Rename/Create
✔ Resume play from last position
✔ Scrubbing search

Camera Flash New Version: 4.7.0

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Camera Flash, one of the most popular app in app store throughout the year of 2009 and 2010, adds a software-based camera flash effect to iPhone camera. Unlike any LED physical camera flash, Camera Flash app has unlimited effective range; and it does not drain the battery. More important, it intelligently adds different suitable amount of flash to different pixel, and thus makes the whole image look golden.

With one click, you can improve the exposure in low-light conditions; or, add fill-in flash to shadows. Just start up the app by taking a photo; the software will automatically detect the level and type of flash needed; and apply the effect to your photo immediately. With minimal effort, your photo will look brighter, show more vivid colors and contain more details.

Camera Flash is based on an innovative technology that intelligently lightened up each pixel to an individually differentiated level. Even if the entire photo is lightened up, the details in highlight are not blown out. Thus the technology is more effective than global methods such as levels, curves, fill light, or exposure adjustment.

A kind note for users.

The difference between Camera Flash and other Flash apps in the store, and why we are the best Flash app in the store:

1. We are the FIRST one in app store to provide software-based Flash app, any other app makers just purely copy our idea and our app design, and even use similar names.

2. Most users choose to buy our app, but not other flash apps. Our user number is the biggest in the app store among all of the flash apps. Our user number is at least 10 times than any other flash app.

3. The overall ranking of Camera Flash in app store is #11 in July and August, no any other flash app can achieve this ranking, or even close.

4. More important. Camera Flash is based on an innovative technology that intelligently lightened up each pixel to an individually differentiated level. Even if the entire photo is lightened up, the details in highlight are not blown out. While almost other flash apps just copy Camera Flash idea and (even use similar names) and only do some kind of very simple global methods to increase the brightness of the photos at the cost of making the photos lack of contrast and show a wash-out appearance, which makes most of the photos useless.

iQuarium v1.90

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iQuarium - the personal relaxation companion you can keep in your pocket!

We bring you a relaxing universe you will be happy to take with you everywhere you go!

For everyday stress iQuarium is more than enough to relax. Chill out while watching your Parrot Chichlid fish swimming in its tank, feed it, play with it, interact with it or... do nothing - just listen to your own relaxing music and the air bubbles climbing up slowly to the water surface and let iQuarium soothe you and calm you down. As time passes by you will find new decorative items in your inventory so you can arrange your relaxing space whatever way you like. Just don't forget that your fish is a living creature and it depends entirely on you what kind of personality it will develop! iQuarium provides a sensation of relaxation and calm but still delivers tons of entertainment and fun!

8 Ways Choice Iphone 4G

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When creating iPhone 4, Apple designers and engineers didn’t start with a clean sheet of paper. They started with three years of experience designing and building the phones that redefined what a phone can do. iPhone 4 is the result of everything they’ve learned so far. And it’s all contained in a beautiful enclosure a mere 9.3 millimeters thin, making iPhone 4 the world’s thinnest smartphone.

Engineered Glass

All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. It’s also recyclable.

Retina Display

The 960-by-640 backlit LCD display boasts a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, making it the highest-resolution phone screen ever. To achieve this, Apple engineers developed pixels so small — a mere 78 micrometers across — that the human eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. That makes text remarkably sharp and graphics incredibly vivid. IPS technology also provides excellent color and contrast from almost any viewing angle.

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