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Enter text on your iPhone in a new, fast and fun way!

Built on many years of scientific research at the IBM Almaden Research Center, ShapeWriter is a revolutionary text input method that frees you from the constraints and frustrations of a conventional method. Simply slide your finger on the gesture-keyboard and lift to complete an entire word. ShapeWriter's intelligent algorithms can turn the single gesture stroke into your intended word. For example, a stroke from F to U to N on the keyboard will be recognized as the word "fun". Ignore repeat letters. For rare names and acronyms, type only once and you will be able to shape write the next time.

What the reviewers say about ShapeWriter:

" I am completely astounded by this app. This is so fast and fun and accurate way of writing and I am just on the beginning of the learning curve. This is crazy." - ZDNet

" 14 must-have iPhone apps " -

" The mobile future of the keyboard " - New Scientist

" Top 10 mobile applications " - 2009 Razorfish Digital Outlook

" Top 10 iPhone Apps for Girls " -

" Top 11 iPhone Applications " -

" A revolutionary break through" -

What the users say:

"'Revolutionized typing' is the understatement of the year. This technology should be part of every keyboard on all touchscreens. Someone nominate these software developers for a Nobel. No Joke"" Wow, wow, wow. I initially was skeptical, but I am totally and completely impressed with the product. Good interface, easy to use. Wow! "" This is the first time I have actally liked an app so much that I felt compelled to submit a review. After maybe a minute and a half using this app I already miss it in writing this review."" I wouldn't type with anything else. "" Increases typing speed by at least 4 times if not more. Truly amazing"" Absolutely astounding "" turning the tide in the touch screen vs. plastic keyboard debate "" I can finally write a decent length email from my iPhone without wanting to kill myself"" This program is so fun it's hard to put down "" Coolest. Thing. Ever."


ShapeWriter on the iPhone is a standalone application and cannot be more tightly integrated into the system with the current iPhone SDK. It also has built-in support for email and SMS texting. You can also copy text in ShapeWriter and paste it into any other applications.

* Automatic spacing and capitalization
* Case key for cycling through all possible capitalization cases
* Highlight/selection by double tap or sliding over text
* Command strokes (e.g. Cmd-c-o-p for copy)
* Backup all notes via email
* Rearrange notes order manually (Click Edit button)
* Automatic correction of common misspellings
* Practice game and competitive scoreboard posting

Pro version only features:
* Landscape mode and orientation lock
* Sorting notes in any order (by date or title)
* Ruling lines on/off switch (from iPhone Settings>ShapeWriter)
* Customizable fonts (from iPhone Settings>ShapeWriter)
* Customizable notes colors (from iPhone Settings>ShapeWriter)
* Notes password protection
* Notes content search
* SMS texting support
What's new in Version 3.5.0
• The introduction of iOS4 was subsequent to the previous release of ShapeWriter. Use of previous versions of Shapewriter with iOS4 would cause the application to fail. This issue has been resolved in this release.
• Unlike previous versions of the OS, iOS4 prohibits application editing of emails. For devices running iOS4, this release enables the user to paste reply content manually.
• This upgrade is available for a limited time. Users who have moved to iOS4 are encouraged to download this ShapeWriter release as soon as possible.

ShapeWriter (v3.5.0 os30)-iPhoneMania[ICPDA].ipa

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