Mr.Jump Version 1.2

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Mr.Jump Version: 1.2
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Seller: Coolin
Size: 33.1 MB

★★★★★ 50% discount,Special price $0.99 just for the Valentine's Day!
☆☆☆☆☆Ranked Top10 in 10 counties & areas,Top50 in 23 counties & areas,Top100 in 36 counties & areas
☆☆☆☆☆Featured on the What's Hot List in 11 countries of Music & Action Game Category

☆Jumping and collecting the music note balls to compose 20 popular music in Classic Mode.
☆Freely using the music in your iphone(iPod) as the mission music in Free Mode.
☆Endless automatically generated missions just like Doodle Jump and over 1,000 funny animations.

What's New in Version 1.1

★Specially designed 5 stages just for Christmas & New year holiday
★5 new sets of animations and 5 new stage music
★Improve some stages and fix 2 little bugs
★Add automatic saving function
★New icon and posters

Mr.Jump is an extremely funny music game. Our super hero, mouse Bobi travels around the universe to collect the lost music of human and save the world. In the CLASSICAL MODE, you should sufficiently sensitive and wise to avoid all kinds of obstacles and collect music energy balls as the same time. A very humorous animation will be played as the Mission clear bonus and you can hear whether you collect the popular music rhythm correctly or not. In the FREE MODE, you get endless and colorful missions because the random obstacles will be automatically arranged. Also, the music of your ipod can be used as the mission background music.

The Features:
☆2 kinds of Operating Mode (gravity and finger touch)
☆2 game modes (Classical and Free mode),
☆20 world popular music (will be more in next version)
☆21 kinds of piano tones and rhythms (more instruments will be added in)
☆About 1,000 well designed funny animation
☆Endless and random mission will bring you a different feeling
☆Import your own music from iPod

More details, plz check the Video below:

Anyone who wants to be a trial version tester,plz send Email (your nationality,language,device information included)!Then you can get new version free all the time before it appears on iTune.

Worldwide volunteers are needed and collected,because multi-language version is just on the way(maybe next update).Your advice,suggestion,even complaint and criticism are invaluable for improving.

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