Bengie's Maze Escape Version 1.3.1

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Bengie's Maze Escape Version: 1.3.1
Category: Games
Seller: John Nolan
Publish Date:2011-04-01

Price: $1.99
Size: 36.7 MB

Special offer.... get it while it lasts!

Bengie's Maze Escape is a 2D maze-based puzzle game. You take on the role of Bengie, an unlucky but happy little guy that's out walking the fields one day, and falls into some mysterious caves. After a bit of exploring, he finds that the caves are in a maze-like structure and are full of boulders, bombs, jewels and the odd drop of mazejuice. He also finds an exit, but it’s blocked by a gate! The gate is marked with the sign “Where there’s no bombs and boulders I will open”. Bengie walks up to a bomb and punches it really hard; it explodes, but it hurts and weakens him a bit! Not being one to lie down and die, Bengie decides to go adventuring and figure out a way of destroying all the bombs and boulders; your goal is to help Bengie escape in one piece!

The game currently takes place over 30 original mazes, with lots more to come! The game has been designed for iOS4 but is also compatible with older firmwares, down to 3.1.3 so it works on all generations of iPhone and iPod Touch and the iPad.

The game also includes multiple controller interfaces.

I hope you enjoy the adventure, and thanks to everyone that has bought the game!

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