Burger Queen World Version 1.02

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Burger Queen World Version 1.02
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Seller: Crecat Soft Co., Ltd.


"Burger Queen goes abroad to UK and Japan!"

Previously on 'BURGER QUEEN', she was managing to operate her father's burger shop. But she decides to open her own burger shop. Moreover, she is proposed to open new burger shops in UK and Japan. She happily accepts those proposals. But from now on she's gonna face new difficult customers and new menu in foreign countries....

Burger Queen World Features:

- 50 game levels in 5 Episode and 55 challenge mode levels exist
(30 game levels in Episode 6~8 with more challenge modes levels will be updated soon)

- Story mode and challenge mode

- Item shop sells various helpful items

- Funny story-telling burger dash game

- Cartoon-based graphics

- Achievements and Ranking support (OpenFeint)

======= update history =======

v 1.00 : Released (Episode 1~5)
v 1.01 : Fixed initial loading crash bugs, fixed some bugs when loading on iPhone&iPod 2G, 3G
v.1.02 : Fixed initial loading crash bug on iOS less than 4.2

======= update agenda =======
v.1.10 : Add Episode 6~7 & more challenge mode levels
v.1.20 : Add Episode 8 & more challenge mode levels



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