Text Pictures+Keyboard Pro-Creative Text Art for iPhone Texting Version 2.9

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Text Pictures+Keyboard Pro-Creative Text Art for iPhone Texting
Version: 2.9
Category: Social Networking
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On sale!! GET IT NOW!
Best Text Picture,Text Keyboard App for Creative SMS,FACEBOOK,TWITTER,EMAIL on appstore!
★★★Text keyboard★★★

With it you can create your own text pictures,crazy text together very very very easily in seconds, and create endless cool text, or text pictures.


For the limitations with the SMS link between AT&T and Verizon, sending Text pictures to iPhones between these two networks is NOT POSSIBLE.

Verizon users can send pictures to other Verizon iPhone users, and AT&T users can send to other AT&T iPhone users, only.


Tired of boring texts and emails? and want to impress your
friends, family,classmates?

Now you can spice them up your texting with All Text Pictures Pro+ Text Keyboard!

ASCII art made just for iPhone texting!

Here are some cute,cool text pictures:

Cute bunny
( •,•)

( ) •• )
~(J )=()()

^. .^
{ /l l\ }

[_________ _______
| |_| |_| |_| | | |_| |_| |_\
|oo—— oo|><|oo——oo-\ Lift weight # ))) € ? \ | -( / " ( / . .\ ) | | | | (@)--99----99--(@) ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈ FEATURES: ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈ Only our app have these cool features. ★ Unique Text Keyboard with 18 styles...cool! ★ Share with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Tumblr, built-in Emailer! ★ SEARCH all text pictures easily! ★ Easy to customize yourself text art pictures and manage them by category! ★ With customize feature you can have endless text pictures! ★ NOW You can use "Crazy text" to impress your friends! Just like these: "Upside down", "ẏσṳя тєχт❣", "ⒸⓞⓞⓞⓁ", "ŢĄĮĻ", "D̤̈Ö̤T̤̈", "S̸L̸A̸S̸H̸", "L̲̅I̲̅N̲̅E̲̅", "ÁČČĔŃŦ", "GRΣΣK", "ЯЦSSIДИ", "աҽíɾժ", "₦ØPQƦ", "l๓ภ๏Թ", "ąßcđ૯F" ★ ☻♥☻ 650+ customizable ASCII art pieces /█\/█\to text to your friends with iPhones! .||. .| |. ♥ ★ 110+ Western style emotes for texting to any phone, anywhere! <(-'.'-)>puppy dog
:-t pouting
+<:-) rope /:-)。beret ★ Tons ☢ of ✪ fun ♬ symbols ☺ to ❤ spice♂ up ☢ any message❥! ★ 75+ customizable Japanese style emotes for texting, email, and Facebook,Twitter! ミ★(*^-゚)v Thanks!!★彡  o(^-^)o smile (†_†) sad ★ Create your own Text Pictures and save them to your customized category and optionally email it to us, and maybe see your creation show up in full version of Text Pictures Pro! ★ With iOS4, send text messages in-app, without having to leave the app! ★ Copy any Text Pics or Emote to the Clipboard to use in other apps! ★ New Text Pictures and Emotes added every two weeks! ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈ NOTE ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈ Most Text Pictures are only for SMS texting to other iPhones. Emotes however can be used in a wider variety. Each category describes the possible uses, in-app. ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈ IPOD TOUCH USERS ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈ Most Text Pictures content is built for texting (SMS). You will need a 3rd party texting app to use those Text Pictures. 

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