45th Street Version 1.7.0

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45th Street Version 1.7.0
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Survive at 45th Street!
45th Street was dominated by gangsters. To survive is to kill. Will provide a variety of weapons to fight. All weapons can be upgraded up to level 20 and become stronger as it gets upgraded.

The default weapon is a baseball bat and a knife.
There are different characteristics of each weapon.
For example, the knife has the strongest power but shorter range attacks.
Using these characteristics of weapons clear up 45th Street.
After completing the stage you can go to item shop to upgrade weapons.
As moving on stages, the more powerful enemies will appear.
Please be sure to upgrade diligently!

Each stage has secret rooms.
You can get ammo,energy and gold from the secret room.
But if you go wrong way, you can encounter many enemies. Be careful.
Sometimes the way to bonus stage appears in the secret room.
When you touch the door of the building in the background you can enter the secret room.
Be careful. Not every door opens.

Bonus Stage will appear every time you clear 5 stages.
Riding a scooter and take numerous gold!!
Tilt the device to control the scooter.

Game Controls
- Use the arrow keys to move character
- Press the blue button to change weapons
- Press the red button to attack
- Continuous shooting is possible with the machine guns

- Shotgun will be unlocked after buy Lv5 Gun
- Rifle will be unlocked after buy Lv8 shotgun
- Heavy machinegun will be unlocked after buy Lv15 Rifle
- BonusGame will be unlocked after clear bonus stage or clear stage 20

Good luck!!

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