AirBeam Version 1.0

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AirBeam Version: 1.0
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Seller: Heiko Straulino

AirBeam allows you to watch remotely what the camera of your iPhone, iPod or iPad sees. It transmits high quality realtime video (resolution up to 640x480 and 30 frames per second). You can watch the video stream on any iPhone, iPod or iPad in the same WiFi network - even on multiple devices simultaneously.

AirBeam turns your iDevices into a powerful remote monitoring system. Use them as a babyphone, a surveillance camera, a fly cam in your remote control toys…there are hundreds of useful and not so useful things you can do with it.

AirBeams features in detail:
o High Quality Realtime: Watch video in amazing quality with resolution up to 640x480 and up to 30 frames per second. Watch in realtime thanks to AirBeam's low latency encoding and transmission technology.

o Zero Configuration: No need to manually configure device addresses. AirBeam automatically discovers each AirBeam cam on your network and you can instantly watch it.

o Multi Camera, Multi Monitor: Launch as many camera devices as you want monitor them simultaneously. Watch a single camera on multiple devices at the same time.

o Video Recording: Seeing something on AirBeam you want to remember? Just press the record button and the video will be recorded.

o Video Download with Browser: No need to hook up you iPhone to a cable to transfer your recordings. Just download them with your desktops browser.

o Portrait and Landscape: AirBeam can be used in portrait or landscape mode. Just rotate your device to choose best fit for what you are viewing.

o Universal App: One universal App with tailored user interface for iPhone and iPad.

Want to know more? Visit our website and watch the AirBeam demo video.

Important note for iPhone 3G owners:

Due to hardware limitations a iPhone 3G can only be used as monitor, not as camera device.

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