Chop Chop Soccer Version 1.6

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Chop Chop Soccer Version 1.6
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"Chop Chop Soccer wins the iOS championship" -
The fourth game of the Chop Chop series (over 9 million games downloaded) is here!

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Media Reviews
"Chop Chop Soccer plays a bright and particularly accessible brand of a football. It stands as a refreshing alternative to some of the straighter soccer titles on the App Store." - Gamezebo
"get it while it’s hot." - The Legit Review

"Chop Chop Soccer is a brilliant concept" - CapsuleComputers

"Chop Chop Soccer is an intuitive game of simple fun" - Slide to Play

"Chop Chop Soccer offers a unique ‘footy’ experience for all styles of players." - Frisky Mongoose

"Chop Chop Soccer is some kinda crazy soccer that I’ve been looking for and wanting to get my hands on"- Appyzilla

"Chop Chop Soccer plays a splendid and quite permitted code of a football"
"Chop Chop Soccer manages to fairly press out the hint of football in to a particular one-finger experience." - The Baking Games


Brand new: introducing the CHOP CHOP SHOP!
Power up your Chop Chop Soccer experience with exiting new teams and stadiums:

- A perfectly restored Palaeolithic Soccer Field
- A team of angry Cavemen
- The Cavemen Tournament

Zen Garden
- The Official Buddhist Tournament Field
- The powerful Ninja Team
- The Ninja Tournament

Zombie Park
- The infamous Graveyard Field
- The Zombie National Team
- The Zombie Tournament

The Red Planet
- The sulfurous Red Planet Stadium
- The Alien team
- The Alien Tournament

The Ultimate Pack
All 4 teams and stadiums in a single pack!
- The Zen Pack
- The Red Planet Pack
- The Caveland Pack
- The Zombie Park Pack
User Reviews
"The best pick up n play soccer game I own. Tons of fun with lots of polish. Another quality Chop Chop title!"

"Great game, I love to play it and also very addicting"

"Best Chop Chop game ever!"

"This game is tied for the best game on my iPod"

"This app is just great, it has everthing for a soccer player like me, its not to easy and not hard"

"The gameplay is fun, and keeps you hooked"

"One of the better pick up n play soccer games i own for sure. Cant go wrong for a dollar"

Chop Chop Soccer. Fast pace, frantic Action, epic 3 Vs. 3! Chop Chop Soccer has been specifically developed for the iPhone. Whether you choose to dribble your way through the defense or pick it apart with perfect passes, everything is possible with only one finger!
A soccer game has never been so intuitive !

More countries, more modes, and many many more surprises!!!!

No virtual joystick or buttons! You only need one finger to run, tackle, pass and score!

To become a real Champion, you will have to beat all your opponents in 4 epic competitions that lead you all around the world.

After Chop Chop Tennis HD™, the Cute little Chopies are back in a soccer game. Cute and aggressive at the same time!

Features :
- 3D arcade sports game
- frantic 3 vs. 3 soccer action
- Intuitive and extremely responsive touch controls
- Colorful cartoon graphics
- 12 teams to choose from
- Four difficulty levels
- Four tournaments
- Four stadiums


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