Fisheye Lens kit Version 1.0

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Fisheye Lens kit Version 1.0
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You can take a fisheye photo with real-time filter effects using this application.

In addition to the fisheye effect, 7 different kinds of filters enable you to apply various shades on your photos.
You'll have the actual photo image with the effect real-time.

Quiet shutter-release mode allows you to take photos without loud camera click noises in quiet places.

When you want to take a normal photo, choose Square Normal Lens and you'll get one.
You can still apply one of 7 filters.

Compatible devices : iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G (iOS4.1 or later)

[ Key Features ]
Lens : Fisheye Lens A, Fisheye Lens B, Square Normal Lens
Lens types : Fisheye Type, Anti-Fisheye Type
Filter Effect : Toy Camera, Ash, Fashion, Brighten, Cool, Monotone, Art
Photo Frame : White Frame (ON/OFF)
Camera Functions : Stabilizer, Timer (5, 10sec), emulate photos in the library, Touch to focus, Switch Front/Back Camera ,Torch
Reviewing Function : Enhance a photo to review details.

[ Photo Size ]
iPhone 4 : 480x480 or 720x720
iPhone 3GS : 480x480 (720x720 is not available)
iPod Touch 4G : 480x480 or 720x720

[ Important ]
This application doesn't make your camera lens wide-angle.
It emulates the effects of a fisheye lens to your photos.

[ How to apply effects on your photo in the library ]
(1) Tap 'File' button upper-left of the screen and choose the photo.
(2) Enhance the picture with pinch gesture.
(3) When the photo is ready, tap 'shutter'button.

[ Stabilizer ]
Camera takes a photo at the moment the camera shake stops after tapping 'shutter' button.

Compatible devices : iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G (iOS4.1 or later)


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