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Seller: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

At long last, Nippon Professional Baseball licensed version of Pawapuro game for iPhone/ iPod touch is now available!

Features the 2010 season-opening player data (forecast) plus actual players from the 12 Nippon Professional Baseball teams!

Gameplay and controls are simple: Just tap and slide to pitch, bat and run!
Enjoy a realistic baseball experiences just by using your fingers!

Multiple gameplay modes:

Select your favorite team and play against the computer (1 match).
Set your own rules: designated hitter, the number of innings, errors, extra-innings.... you choose!

Enjoy short-distance network play using the Bluetooth feature and challenge your friends!
* feature only available on iPhone and iPod touch (except the 1st gen of iPod touch).

Experience a full NPB regular season, the climax series, and Japan (Nihon) series. The goal is to be the top of NPB teams.
Play either 144 games for a full season or choose either 50 or 25 games for a mini season.
You can watch the game in fast forwarded play option or skip to the game results and check the scores at any time.

Customize the actual Nippon Professional baseball teams and create your own original team!
Switch players between teams and change the team icon, name or uniform design.

All the fun elements of Nippon Professional baseball are condensed into one exciting game!
Do you have what it takes to be a champion?

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