Tap Tap Rush Version 1.1.1

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Astroboy_Tap Tap Rush
Version: 1.1.1
Category: Games
Seller: WIDEFOS Co.,Ltd.
Size: 34.0 MB 

Now you can meet Astroboy, a nearly perfect robot who strove to become more human and emotive and to serve as an interface between man and machine, on iPhone and iPod Touch
Excited Challenging Stages and More Actions. Save mankind from hordes of robot enemies.

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20XX Year, Metropolis Festival
Dr. Ochanomizu, a minister of the Office for Science, visits circus to watch a robot circus.
And he finds Astroboy who has been sold to the circus, and rescues him from a robot circus.
From Dr. Ochanomizu, Astroboy learns how to live together with human and to control his powers.

As Astroboy goes to the school and makes new friends, he meets various people including those who treat a robot like their friend, those ho look up to a robot, those who are afraid of a robot, and those who are hostile to a robot. But through many incidents where he saves people from dangers, Astroboy starts getting closer to people, And people begin to open up their hearts to Astroboy.

- initiate one of Astroboy's special skills, including using Rocket Boots, Laser, Arm Cannon, and Hip Machine Guns
- Astroboy learns and grows from his experiences
- more complex labyrinth designed maps
- Various hulking boss robots

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