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Leave it to the "Best User Interface 2009" App Awards winners to make THE ToDo List you’ve been waiting for: Zero complications. Zero frustration. Just a stunning to do list you can finally understand and use.

Use with Sync or without; Sync to Mac, Outlook (PC) and Toodledo in no time; get Push / Local Notifications and Email alerts; share todos with others and even drag & drop between Calendars! NO other app does these better:

★ iOS 4.0 Multi-tasking, local alerts and Retina display support

★ Sync with Mac / Outlook (WiFi) and Toodledo (Edge/3G/WiFi)
With the help of the free Sync helper, you can effortlessly keep your Mac/PC and the 2Do app in sync. You can also instead sync with Toodledo anytime, anywhere. NOTE: Event items are currently not synced from the Mac/PC, only To Do / Tasks are. Mac Sync requires 10.5+. Also, "Mobile Me Calendar" (currently beta) NOT supported. All versions of Outlook (32/64-bit) supported.

★ Push / Local & Email Alarms
Away from your PC? Not a problem. Enjoy the free alerts by 2Do. Choose message, sound, email or all three to remind you of what needs to get done.

★ Projects, Checklists or simple ToDos
Group tasks together under Checklists or Projects and sort these independently.

★ Landscape
Go landscape to see even more.

★ Nearby
Tag tasks with locations and let 2Do filter on nearby tasks effortlessly. Get more done whever you are.

★ Tags
Manage tags made up of words or contacts. Fully integrated in global search. Tags can also sync as Outlook Categories on the PC

★ Actions
Attach a Contact to your ToDo to remind you of calling, emailing, visiting them etc, or attach your current location to the ToDo you're creating for future reference.

★ Starred Tasks
Star tasks that need immediate attention and view them separately in the built-int 'Starred' special tab. Supports Toodledo syncing as well.

★ Voice Notes
Too lazy to type? Attach voice notes to your tasks.

★ Focus
Use the Focus Toggle to focus on specific ToDo's per Calendar: Due Today, Tomorrow etc

★ Repeating ToDos
Add Repeating / Recurring ToDos using the flexible repeat options available

★ Drag & Drop
Tap and hold on a task and start dragging when options appear. Effortlessly move a task, project or checklist from one calendar to another. Tasks dragged and dropped over the special Today calendar automatically get their due date updated to Today.

★ Batch Operations
Batch edit, delete, move, tag or share tasks all from a single place.

★ Password Protection
Protect your tasks and calendars from prying eyes by locking them.

★ Tabbed Calendars
Group related tasks under their respective calendar. Get quick access to all calendars and tasks from a single view without the need of moving back and forth between different screens. Tap and hold on a tab to reveal calendar options. Tap on the bottom ToDos tabbar button to toggle view.

★ Smart Calendars
Save searches as Smart Calendars. Great way to filter your Contexts and selected phrases.

★ Date Range search with Smart Calendars
Search for tasks within a given start and end date or leave it open ended (e.g. Coming 7 Days) to create truly dynamic smart calendars

★ Soundex Search
Search for words throughout the app using the unmatched Full Text search engine. 2Do supports intuitive soundex capabilities, returning results with words matching the pronunciation of the word too (for latin languages).

★ Backup & Restore
Backup and restore the 2Do database any time. Auto backups created before each sync for your peace of mind.

★ Share Todos by Email, SMS or Twitter
Tap and hold on a task to reveal more options. Send tasks to friends and family via email.

★ TextExpander Support

★ Much, much more

* Push alerts require WiFi. iOS 4.0 users do not require Push for alerts to work.
What's new in Version 2.1
* Fixed several UI quirks
* Fixed notes syncing issue with iCal
* Fixed password protection issues
* Fixed alarm time display when adding a task
* Fixed SMS action from edit screen
* Fix for multiple starred calendars
* Fixed project sub-items not appearing inside landscape calendar
* Fixed tasks not 'showing in all' did not appear under Starred calendar
* [NEW] Multi-Line tasks can be optionally turned ON
* [NEW] Calendar names now appear as the first word under the task. These can now optionally have the old 'capsules' switched ON
* [NEW] When auto-alerts for new tasks are setup, setting a due time will auto-set the alert's time to be due time minus 5 minutes
* [NEW] App badge now includes count of due tasks inside projects
* [NEW] Ability to reset all locally created alarms under iOS 4.0 (from settings->alerts)
* [NEW] Due Date search can now be performed inside the 'Done' calendar

What's new in Version 2.4.4
* Fix for email alerts when used with MobileMe. This would return with a 403 error.
* Fix for 207 errors seen at times with MobileMe
* Improvements to Outlook PC Sync, Toodledo multi-device sync and MobileMe multi-device sync
* Minor performance improvements



Version 2.4.5


Version 2.4.4


Version 2.4.3



Version 2.4.2



Version 2.4.1


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