Awareness! The Headphone App Version 2.0

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Awareness! The Headphone App - Lets you listen to music and the outside world at the same time.
>> Be safe on the streets, avoid headphone related accidents and banish headphone oblivion with Awareness!


Minimum Requirements:
* iOS4
* iPhone4 or 3GS
* iPod Touch 4
* iPod Touch 3 with headset
* Will NOT work on iPhone 3G
* Will NOT work with wireless or Bluetooth headsets

If you are on a bike and lost in your music, Awareness! will let you hear that truck horn before it's too late.
If you are on a train, Awareness! will let you hear the next station announcement before you shoot past.

Set-it and then forget-it, until you need to hear what's happening around you!
by G**** - Version 1.1 - 17 September 2010
Works really well with the external headphones! A feature I was looking for a long time.”

The engineers and designers at essency, have developed a unique new class of functional headphone app, that uses the built-in microphone on the iPhone and iPod Touch to make headphones better and more practical to use.

With Awareness!, if someone talks to you when you’re wearing headphones, you don't need to take them off or turn off your music to hear.

Awareness! The Headphone App, allows you to listen to your music with complete peace of mind, knowing that important sounds (warnings, shouts, sirens, alarms or conversations) won’t be missed.

In other words, you get to hear the things you NEED, even when you’re lost in your music.

Awareness! cleverly turns the microphone on when any sound exceeds the level of everyday background noise and delivers it to your headphones, letting you hear what is going on.

This makes it massively safer to listen to music whilst travelling – driving, riding, commuting, walking, crossing the road, cycling and jogging and even allows you to have comfortable conversations while listening to music.

Get Awareness! and customize your listening experience.

* Maintain spatial audio awareness for better safety in your surroundings.

* Use while travelling, in the office, at home or just about anywhere you would use headphones or earphones.

* True iOS4 multi tasking app

* Use Awareness! with music, videos, games and audio books.

* Microphone trigger AutoSet feature – analyzes ambient sound levels
and automatically sets a microphone trigger level to exclude background noise.

* Vibrate only warning function

* Compatible with all headphones headsets and earphones including closed cup, on-ear, in-ear, noise isolating and noise-cancelling models.

Awareness! works with all headphones, headphones with mic attached are recommended.

When using Awareness! with standard headphones, please do not obstruct your device’s microphone e.g. by putting your iPhone/iPod touch in your pocket or using a case that covers the built in mic, or performance will be impaired.

Mic Sensitivity
To stop the mic from triggering accidentally please adjust the mic delay in settings by clicking on the tools icon. Extending the mic delay will stop the mic from being triggered by short bursts of unwanted sounds.

If you need to turn the mic volume up high to hear when someone talks, its an indication that you could be listening to music too loud, please take care of your ears!

VIDEO DEMO: for full instructions.

* NOTE Headset with microphone required for iPod touch 3G and before

COMING SOON - there will be regular free updates, including full implementation of new features such as "Ducking" which turns down your music when someone talks to you, useful if you listen to loud music.

Your Feedback is important! please leave a good review & rating if you like Awareness!

Get in touch by visiting essency | Awareness! The Headphone App

What's new in Version 1.2
Enhanced performance and now compatible with iPad when iOS 4.2 is released.


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