ScratchCam Version 1.1

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ScratchCam Version 1.1
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★ ★ ★ ScratchCam update version 1.1 is out now - scroll down to see what's new! ★ ★ ★
Give your iPhone shots a cool randomized scratched film effect with ScratchCam!

It's so easy to use - let ScratchCam put in all the effort and turn your photos into works of art with the press of a single button. If you like the effect ScratchCam has generated, save the shot and have another go by simply hitting refresh!

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★ ScratchCam Features ★

GENERATE countless distressed, scratched, damaged film and print effects including:
-- Awesome black and white variations
-- Wicked over-saturation & color shift combinations
-- Heaps of film scratch effects

SHARE your shots with friends and family on Facebook and Flickr, or save them to your photo album

DEVELOP photos up to their full original resolution

★ ScratchCam Reviews ★

--- review ---

ScratchCam adds great-looking film and print stress to your photos, making them look like the negatives were dragged across a sidewalk or photo prints that were folded up and spent a few weeks in your back pocket. ScratchCam does a nice job of stressing, damaging, wearing, and scuffing up your photos.

Effects are well rendered and look like seriously hosed film. ScratchCam does it a very good job of scuffing up your photos.

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--- iTunes reviews ---

Lovely!!! - ★★★★★
This is a super duper app!!! the B&W pix it makes are really awesome!!! - jeromee71

Very cool effects - ★★★★★
This app is great fun and easy to use - DavStaines

Great photo effects easily applied - ★★★★★
... gives character to your everyday iPhone snaps... Love the random treatment - Mykeeeee

--- Facebook reviews ---

"★★★★★" Just downloaded the app and I am playing around... really really cool, like the combination of vintage and color, instant fav from me!!! :)

"★★★★★" Love it!! the overlays are great quality and I love the full size support!!...

★★★ Get in touch! ★★★

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