Super Puzzle HD Version 2.1

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Super Puzzle HD Version 2.1
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Super Puzzle gives you the most true feeling of moving and rotating and combining the pieces. Such experience is as vivid as the real Jigsaw. The super large screen size, numerous pieces will brings you great challenge and enjoyment.
Game features:
1. Users can move, rotate the pieces arbitrarily without any restrictions, restore the most realistic entertainment experience.
2. The game screen can be easily moved and scaled so that users can review the overall effect.
3. Along with the special function of Creating Jigsaw. Users can use their photos to create unique Jigsaws, which is really fun.
4. Users can Create Jigsaw with 4~500 pieces, fully control the difficulties of Jigsaw.
5. Matching with the ipod music library users can enjoy their best songs when playing this game.
6. Support iOS 4 multi-task and Game Center.

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