The Blocks Cometh By Halfbot Version 1.5

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The Blocks Cometh By Halfbot Version 1.5
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Seller: Melvin Samuel
Size: 19.9 MB 

***THE REAL BLOCKS COMETH by Halfbot has arrived! Accept no imitations!***

Does this game look familiar? Well, rest assured this is the OFFICIAL Blocks Cometh by its original creator, Halfbot.

The Blocks Cometh is a fast paced, adrenalin rush that pits you against the blocks. Dodge, attack and climb as the dreaded blocks fall from the sky and try to crush you. How high can you climb?

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Halfbot has teamed up with the widely popular IOS game The League of Evil for this incredible release. Play as the heroic Agent or the dreaded Leaper and show those blocks that you aren't messin' around! Also from comes the incredible Mr. Destructoid!

The world is falling apart and Blockman is determined to escape by any means necessary. Get strapped in and get ready to jump higher and higher. The Blocks Cometh!!

Complete with D-pad or tilt controls
4 Unique characters to unlock
Loads of Achievements with OpenFeint and Game Center support
Original soundtrack by HyperDuck Soundworks
Retina display support

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