Pocket God: Journey To Uranus Version1.04

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Pocket God: Journey To Uranus
Version: 1.04
Category: Games
Seller: Bolt Creative
Size: 39.8 MB 

Pocket God Journey To Uranus is an interactive universe that you can explore, discover your godly powers, and play games. Feed the volcano god on Earth! Fight a war on Uranus! Ward off robots from another universe! Navigate the high-tech highways of Mercury! And more! Some games are inspired by your favorite classic video games.

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And don't forget you can still name your pygmies and just mess with them!

Like Pocket God, the Journey to Uranus universe will keep expanding. More planets, interactions and games to come! What do you want to see added?
And if you are one of the hold-outs, be sure to check out the original Pocket God on the app store, only 99cents. It now has the addicting Challenge of the Gods!

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